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Step 1: Inspection

Our experienced Denver metro area carpet cleaning technicians will inspect your home or office surfaces and advise you of any challenges that we might run into during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Vacuuming

During the vacuuming process, we use a powerful commercial vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters that ensures thorough carpet and rug cleaning. These special air filters help remove most harmful dirt and bacteria particles from your carpet. We also take the time to vacuum baseboard tops and bottoms for an all-around cleaner look.

Step #3 — Furniture Moving

We carefully move sofas, chairs, tables and smaller furniture. Larger pieces of furniture such as beds and heavy, fragile, antique furniture are moved on a case-by-case basis. Once the carpets are cleaned, we return the furniture to the original location and protect your carpet and fine furniture by placing disposable blocks and plastic tabs under the legs.

Step #4 — Pre-Spray

Carpets are pre-sprayed with safe and effective cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for the type and condition of your carpets. The pre-spray loosens fine dirt particles in your carpet, allowing the dirt to be removed more effectively.

Step #5 — Pre-Spotting

1st Choice uses more than a dozen eco-friendly cleaning solutions, each specifically designed to remove various types of spots and hard-to-remove stains. Our solutions can remove most juices, gum, rust, wax, urine and red stains. You name it — we’ll bring our experience and the latest methods and products to clean it.

Step #6 — Extraction Process

Our truck-mounted cleaning equipment ensures maximum soil removal with a short 4-6 hour drying time. This machine heats water to approximately 240 degrees Fahrenheit, instantly killing bacteria and germs while removing embedded dust mites, dead skin and pet dander that can become airborne and cause illness. 1st Choice has the ability to handle even the most difficult cleaning situations in your home or office.

Step #7 — Post-Spotting

After the extraction process, should visible spots or stains remain, we’ll apply specially formulated spotters and stain removers, and hand scrub the remaining blemishes. That’s the kind of attention to detail that sets 1st Choice Carpet Cleaning apart.

Step #8 — Grooming

Once your carpets are cleaned, we’ll return the furniture to its original location and place plastic tabs and disposable blocks under the legs to protect your carpet and fine furniture. Using a carpet rake, we reset the pile of the carpet, lifting the fibers and giving it a new, groomed look. This also aids in the drying process, leaving your carpets looking fresh and clean with wonderful visual appeal.

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